Brand new babies!

We are very excited to have our first litter of Labrador Retriever/German Shorthaired Pointer Hybrids, also known as “Pointadors” or “Pointerdors.” As I type this, we are both so exhausted due to sleep deprivation, but not nearly as exhausted as “Ella!” These pups are all chocolate, or liver depending on which breed’s color terminology you choose. Most have a white “bib,” though a few are solid chocolate all the way around! I would expect that the coats will be a bit shorter than a Lab’s, perhaps somewhere in between a Lab and Pointer. As of this moment, there are 5 girls and 6 boys, though it’s possible she may yet have another one or two. I usually prefer to wait to post pictures until they’re all cleaned up, but this is the way it is! Mother Nature’s work in all its glory. Please click here to inquire about purchasing one of these gorgeous pups!

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