Available puppies

Below are the most recent photos of our available puppies.

Male. “Max” is gorgeous, and the biggest pup of the litter. Somebody looking for a show worthy dog will be lucky to get him!
Female. “Suzie” has the second most liver patches of the entire litter highlighted by white. She is beautiful.
Female. The third of our white furred pups, she is the 2nd largest of the litter and was the last to be born. What a sweety!
Female. We called her “Whitey” because she has no liver patches besides her head, which gives her a very regal look. She has a wonderful temperament.
Female. Gorgeous markings have generated a lot of interest in “Annie.”

6 thoughts on “Available puppies

  1. Mark and angel shock February 21, 2021 — 7:36 pm

    We are looking for a female, we have 2 girls aged 10 and 2.5. Our oldest is the first born from a litter we had on our fischerheim/tnt female 10 years ago.


    1. Please send me an email via the contact page or at sirdanskennels@aol.com


  2. Hi is there any available now that it is early spring


    1. Are you on my waiting list? Got some on the way.


  3. Christine Balistrieri December 7, 2020 — 10:07 pm

    Hello! I’m considering a GSP for a surprise for my husband. His heart has been broken since our beloved GSP Trigger passed two years ago. He said he’s now ready for a new best friend. When would you have a male? What is the cost? Thanks, Chris


    1. Hi Christine, I don’t have any right now, I’m sorry to say. Looking at early spring for the next litter.


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