Alpha litter arrival

Our Alpha litter arrived on the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2018. Our dam Rosalie whelped eight puppies on her own with no issues other than surprise as the first arrived on the living room floor! The ninth pup had to be helped from the birth canal as Rosie was tired out and couldn’t push hard enough to get the last pup out.

So far the new mother is doing well with her new pups. She cleaned them and feeds them pretty efficiently, though being a first time mom, she needs a little help, encouragement, and comforting from time to time. All the pups are healthy.

There are 7 girls and 2 boys and a variety of markings. And there appears to be a set of twins with identical markings! One boy, who was the 2nd to be born, and a girl, who was the very last puppy born. Quite remarkable!

I’ll be making puppies available after a couple weeks have passed so I can be certain they’re healthy and are growing properly.

Sleeping and feeding at the same time! Instinct takes over.

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